Testing Apparatuses

6DOF Shake Table

Simulates seismic and other complex base motions with lateral and vertical motions along and rotations about three axes. Controlled by Shore Western software, the 1.2 m x 1.2 m aluminum platform’s movement is driven by six linear hydraulic actuators and can operate with a payload of 9.8 kN.

Beam Centrifuge

Spins models at a high angular velocity to increase gravitational acceleration acting on the model. The increased g-forces create identical self-weight on the model and its full-scale counterpart.

Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel (BLWT)

Simulates boundary layer flows to characterize the wind loading and structural behavior, including aeroelastic response of wind-sensitive structures. Unique aspects of this facility are its large size and automated continuously adjustable terrain roughness and geometric scale of wind flow.

Deep Foundations Testing Chamber

This testing system was installed at the Laboratory in 2006 as part of an effort to develop more cost effective deep foundation construction and installation methods. This unique system not only allows researchers to control soil conditions, but allows for the installation of instrumentation as the chamber is being filled prior to testing. Additionally the chamber provides the stability to safely perform excavations after testing foundations so that they can be inspected

Dynamic Flow Simulator (DFS)

The counterpart to the MAWLS, this system controls a high-speed dynamic flow simulator that recreates up to 103 m/s turbulent wind flows near the building surface to characterize the behavior of discontinuous roofing systems and other porous component & cladding elements

Geotechnical Testing Chamber

Vertical geostatic pressure is simulated using pneumatic lift bags and monitored using a variety of in situ soil pressure cells

High Airflow Pressure Loading Actuator (HAPLA)

Simultaneously applies time-varying wind pressure and simulated effects of wind-driven rain on the horizontal building façade. Specimens can attach to the floor to investigate load path. Ideal for rapidly evaluating large test matrices and trials leading up to testing on the MAWLS.

Multi-Axis Wind Load Simulator (MAWLS)

Recreates wind load conditions associated with an intense Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale Category 5 hurricane or an EF5 tornado combined with in-plane shear or uplift. Up to a two-story wall system can be tested, which can be naturally or artificially aged prior to testing.

Spatiotemporal Pressure Loading Actuator (SPLA)

Uses multiple control systems to replicate heterogeneous spatiotemporal pressure loading on nonporous horizontal and vertical building systems (e.g., roof and wall corner zones), including integrated components.